Les Marécages du Prince

  french collie champion

« Living with a dog must be a joy and a pleasure, choose a Collie ! »

When I settled in this large place in 1986 - 29 miles from Paris - my intention was to go on breeding "Barbets", this is an ancient French dog breed which hunt ducks in marshes (in French: "marécages", hence my kennel affix).
In fact, I was attracted to the Collie when I was young. The first dog I could take care of was a sable Collie; but I was a bit afraid of their temperament which seemed to be rather timorous, as I could notice from the dogs I had hosted in my boarding kennel.
Nevertheless I was fond of that breed, because I found their look so attractive, their soft abundant coat and their gentleness.
I resisted for one year and finally, in 1987, I started breeding Collies. In 1991 I gave up breeding Barbets even though I had several Champions. I had discovered that the Collie was the dog tallying with me perfectly well.
Dedicating my life to dogs and particularly to Collies was not a choice but a real need I can't explain, maybe it could be called a passion.

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