( Ch. Samhaven Addiction J.W. x Samhaven Charmed Affair )
Sable dog born: 11/05/01, HD-CEA clear

Voir aussi son frère/ see his brother : Samhaven Selected For Trenley

Show results/résultats d'expos:
1st Exc in youth class in
Anvers (B) 07/04/02 judge Mrs Raeymakers Mitzlaff (B)
1st Exc CAC in Zaragoza 01/02/03 (Spain), judge M. Choclan (E)
1st Exc CAC-BOB in Valladolid (Spain) 22/02/03, judge Mr Kérihuel (F)
1st Exc CAC-CACIB-BOB in Valladolid (Spain) 23/02/03, judge Mrs Bambury (GB)
1st Exc CAC-CACIB-BOB in
Châteauroux (F) 27/04/03, judge Mrs Roser (F)
1st Exc CAC-BOB in Budapest (H) 28/06/03, judge Mr Simor György (H)
1st Exc CAC-BOB in Irig (Jugoslavia) 27/07/03, judge Mr Nebojsa Savicic
2nd Exc RCAC in Bratislava (Slovakia) 16/08/03, judge Mr Fricke (D)
2nd Exc in
Amiens (F) 02/05/04, judge Mr Jones (GB)
1st Exc CAC-CACIB in Pontoise (F) 12/09/04, judge Mrs Roser (F)

Teddy a obtenu son CANT à la Nationale d'Elevage 2002/ a real sheepdog !

His children:
Ch. Trop C'est Trop des Marécages du Prince
Tour de Magie des Marécages du Prince
Ch. Uniis Mor Drum des Marécages du Prince
United Kingdom des Marécages du Prince
Uvina des Marécages du Prince
Ushuaia Nature des Marécages du Prince

 Sire :


Ch. Samhaven Addiction J.W.

Pelido Forgotten Dreams Ch. Jankeith Gideon of Mybern Ch. Mybern's Mandane
Myberns Mendelita at Jankeith
Ch.Pelido Delta Dawn of Daviston Ch. Pelido Double Fantasy
Abbeywater Angel Eyes at Pelido
Treglenza Elegant Charm at Samhaven Brilyn Solid Gold at Aaronwell Dolen Double Brandy at Brilyn
Brilyn Musical Mystery
Treglenza Mystique Ch. Lanteague Harvest Moon at Silvermoor
Lanteague Magical Bliss at Treglenza

 Dam :

Samhaven Charmed Affair

Amalie Mild Affair Amalie Mild And Bitter Lynway Seldom Sober
Blossoms Black at Amalie
Ch. Delbar Delightfully Amalie Delbar Drillmaster
Amalie Such Fantasy at Delbar
Ch. Samhaven Forgotten Charm Pelido Forgotten Dreams Ch. Jankeith Gideon at Mybern
Ch. Pelido Delta Dawn
Treglenza Elegant Charm at Samhaven Brilyn Solid Gold at Aaronwell
Treglenza Mystique

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