Love Actually des Marécages du Prince

femelle sable
Sable bitch, born 12/06/2015
(Father : Riverside Song Rock My World 
Mother : Her Majesty des Marécages du Prince )

Father: Riverside Song Rock My World  Mertrisa Tikati Boo Choco Pops du Domaine des Emeraudes Ch. Velours Noir du Clos de Montamer
Tessy du Clos des Trois Sapins
Jopium Blue Touch For Mertrisa Ch. Jopium Cool Touch
Jopium Dreams Are Magic
Riverside Song Follow That Dream Ch. Riverside Song Big Boss Man Shasam Sex Bomb
Nyitramenti Viscountess
Riverside Song American Trilogy Shasam Sex Bomb
Angie's Angels Amazing Amazon
Mother : Her Majesty des Marécages du Prince Ch.Touch Stone at Samhaven Ch Samhaven Toast Marster Ch Aaronwell Antique Gold at Brilyn
Ch Samhaven Toast
Jumitra Lone Star Over Samhaven Jopium Major Tom
Samhaven Rising Star Over Jumitra
Ch.Magic Charm of Samhaven Ch Sandiacre Schumaker Ch. Samhaven AddictionJ.W.
Sandiacre Spare My Bushes
Samhaven Mystic Charm at Tremaro Ch. Tour de France des Marécages du Prince
Ch. Samhaven Forgotten Charm
rough collie bitch
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Le Bois du Roy
route de Coulommiers
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