(Lynway Stay Cool x Anderleen Golden Filigree at Carostar)
sable bitch born/ femelle sable née le: 24/10/2000

For her first International Show, Bliss is Luxembourg Young Champion ( see Luxembourg show 02/09/01). She is now Gibraltar and International Champion !
Pour sa 1ère sortie en exposition Internationale Bliss remporte le titre de Championne des Jeunes du Luxembourg ( voir expo Luxembourg- 02/09/01). Elle est maintenant Championne de Gibraltar et internationale

Show results:
1st Exc in Luxembourg- 02/09/01 judge Mrs Catliff
1st Exc in Rouen- 01/12/01, judge Mr Lalanne de Jonquel
1st Exc CAC-RCACIB in Amiens (F-04/05/02), judge Mr Hugh Jones (GB)
1st Exc CAC BOB in Gibraltar 31/08/02
judge Mr Catalan (Portugal)
1st Exc CAC-CACIB in Gibraltar 01/09/02, judge Mr Kavcic (Slovenia),Gibr. Champion !
1st Exc CACIB in Orléans 13/10/02, judge Mr Larive
1st Exc RCACIB in Badajoz 11/05/03, judge Mr Sliwa (Pol)
1st Exc CACIB BOB in Mantes-la-Jolie 08/06/03, judge Mr Sanchez-Fernandez (Spain)
1st Exc RCACIB in Coimbra (P) 29/06/03, judge Mr Delerue (P)
1st Exc CACIB in Portugalete (Spain) 13/07/03, judge Mrs Alvarez (Sp)

See her son/voir son fils :
CH. Un Amour de Jeunesse des Marécages du Prince
Dr Mamour des Marécages du Prince
Ch. D'Aventure en Aventure des Marécages du Prince


Lynway Stay Cool

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Anderleen Golden Filigree at Carostar

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